Males 6'2 Females 5'11


140 - 180lbs


around 200 years




Ariaheim, almost exclusively


Chosen Race of the Goddess






Perhaps unsurprisingly (when one considers the genetic similarities), the angels are nearly identical in physicality to their human cousins. Angels are typically fair complected, though generations of desert exposure have colored some a pleasing sand or bronze tone. Most are blonde or white haired, with light colored (blue, green, violet, yellow) eyes, though brown hair and eyes are recorded recessive genes. As bipedal humanoids possessing of the same relative external and internal anatomy as a human, the only significant differences between the two races are found in the eyes, the lungs, the bones, and the spine. The cilian muscles of an angel's eye are capable of rapidly expanding or retracting the shape of the retina in similar fashion to that of an avian, granting them superior vision. In addition, their retina are also protected by a thin, transparent membrane in addition to the lid of the humanoid eye.

The bones of an angel's skeletal structure are divided into two types, those which are of a significantly lighter weight (yet equal durability) to those of a human skeletal system, and those which are not only light but hollow. It is for this reason that angels tend to weigh less than a human of equal standing height would measure in at, and is believed to be a necessity of evolution, for flight. The differences between spines is similar. Angel's possess three additional vertebrae in order to accommodate the 12-14 foot feathered wings all (healthy) full-blood angels are capable of manifesting when they desire.

As an out of character note, it should be said that an angel's wings are not always present. The manifestation of them occurs through a process similar to an efferii's transformation, in that they physically, scientifically, do not exist/are not attached to the angel's physical person before they are willed into being. It is standard for an angel to manifest a single set (2 wings) with ivory feathers, Aberash The Exalted and Shula The Sublime (the two surviving angel Daeva) both possess three sets of wings, whereas only angels of the Principality caste (those born destined for military service) manifest two wing sets. Angels possessing a single wing set are, for reasons thought to be related to a weakening in the gene pool, incapable of flight.

An angel's natural plumage may be colored ivory, black, or even red, though the latter two colors are a physical result of genetic defects and mark the angel as unsuitable for mating. In contrast, it is a common practice in the society of angels to dye ones feathers to match the colors of their ancestors heraldry.



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